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Here you'll find from time to time i share confessions of my life & post pictures that make me smile, hopefully i can return the favor to you. I am a bit of a Whimsy old soul raised on old fashioned ideology with an open mind & an understanding heart. My Name is Mela and I am a crooked soul trying to stay up straight, be blessed dear ones.

I’ve been so busy doing a million things i haven’t gotten around to talking about my experience with Defranco Does LA. But here it goes, i’ll keep it brief.

For Defranco Does LA my brother & i had purchased the VIP1 tickets meaning i had the opportunity to meet with Phil prior to the show and even hangout for a bit. We got there late so we didn’t get the chance to really talk with him, instead we ended up meeting Joe & Steve and chatted with them for a minute. There was a brief moment where i did get to say hi to Phil and do a quick photo shoot with him, Joe & Steve. That was fantastic of Phil to do and to have the opportunity of a mini photo shoot with all his fans. Once we got our photos taken we headed over to have our pick of where we wanted to sit. Priority seating was amazing. As we waited for the show to start Kevin Brueck came on stage to entertain us for a bit, then the show began. It was an entertaining full two hours of Phil, Joe & Steve answering questions that the fans had. The show was fun and i’m so happy i had the chance to go.

Even though i only met Phil for a brief moment and barely said all i wanted to say i was glad this happened and wouldn’t trade this event for anything. Phil is someone i highly look up, he was on my bucket list of people i had to meet before i die.

Phil means so much to me because his videos were a part of my early twenties and i’d watch his vlogs for insight and not so typical opinions of things in general. There were times when i felt so pathetic about my life and his videos would make my day. He inspires me to speak out about my opinions but unfortunately it’s still a constant struggle for me to speak up and say what i need to say. I hope some day i can be bold and have that confidence that Phil has to say what needs to be said. 

"i find it’s our disappointments that moves us the most" — Philip Defranco (X)

and i dont drink. 

and i dont drink. 

"Don’t live like there’s no tomorrow, that’s stupid. But live your life like it’s a story that you would want to tell someone else. A little fun, a little exciting, a little sexy, and always off key." — Philip Defranco

"Dont let someone older than you talk down to you. Age is not an all encompassing thing that you get to wave around and say ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ because here’s a thing you eventually learn: grown-ups usually do not know more; they just have more responsibilities and that just makes them feel right. So desire to have your own opinions, desire to be different, do not just agree with your parents or me or anything……. age really doesn’t mean anything." — Philip Defranco (December 1st, 2011 PDS)

i was not expecting a Defranco Vlog tonight. made me happy :)

i was not expecting a Defranco Vlog tonight. made me happy :)


So here is the full DeFranco Does Dublin show.  Free n schtuff.  I’d love to know what your favorite part was.  Love yo faces/

the word “cheese” will never be the same.

Happy Birthday Philip Defranco!  

there are so many words i could say about this person who has influenced my life over the past couple of years. he’s one of my favorite youtubers and someone i do look up to. despite how crass he can be, that’s his charm. he’s real and says whats on his mind, and i look up to him for that. i’m still working on being brave and saying whats on my mind. i wouldnt call him a hero or anything, just a regular person who has become something that people can relate too, the inner voice inside them that they couldnt express. Phil is that inner voice we all want and desire, and someday (hopefully soon) i can be that person who does speak her mind without a care from other people. thank-you for being the inspiration Philip Defranco. 

P.S: i love yo’ face ;)